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micro sd card

when i inserted the sd card my remote stopped working when i took out the sd card the remote started working again does anyone know what causes this an how to resolve this situation thanks?


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Re: micro sd card

I had the same thing happen. One if my units has a 4gb sd card and works fine. Went to get one for my other unit and smallest could find was 16gb. It will not work with it so its running without one. I'd pay the little extra to have the roku come with one installed, if finding one yourself is hit or miss. Try a smaller capacity is my advice.

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Level 8

Re: micro sd card

I had the same issue on several Roku 3 boxes with 8 Gb SD cards. 

I found that the IR remote would start working again if I would reboot the Roku box from the software menu (warm boot). If I rebooted by disconnecting the power, it was hit or miss, mostly miss.

Knowing this, the question is "How to access the Menu if the IR remote doesn't work?"  

You can do this by using the Roku smart phone app, or by using the factory RF remote.

I hope this helps!

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Re: micro sd card

Just posted in a recent thread and this issue goes back to jan and roku hasn't even responded let alone fix the problem!!!

No hbomax no atmos in netflix not enough memory to load a couple of apps and sd card doesn't work.  These guys are on a roll to irrelevance. 

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Re: micro sd card

This worked well for me to format using the Roku App on my smartphone, but the remote still didn't work, so I found out you have to open the battery opening in the back, press the "remote pairing button" until the light blinks green (or in newer models, it's on the back), it will re-pair your remote to your Roku.  Also, once the micro SD card is in and formatted, you need to click on the app to "load" it to the micro SD card, then you won't have to reload the channel again.

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