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Level 7

loss of live TV channel after software update

After the update to 9.4  the TCL roku TV will not scan NBC Chan 4 KARK ,Little Rock

It would before the update. All other live channels remained in service..I have tried 

all of the suggestions in the roku troubleshooting guide,they did not provide a 

remedy...I would like to have Chan 4 back,it was my favorite. My roku TV worked

perfect before 9.4 , could not ask for anything better so I would assume this is a

software problem not a hardware problem... Any assistance to achieve a remedy

for this problem would be greatly appreciated...Thank you for your time..

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Level 9

Re: loss of live TV channel after software update

Try repositioning your antenna to a different location, prefrebly close to or even in a window if you can and then rescan again. Although KARK's virtual channel is 4, their actual channel that they broadcast their signal on is Channel 32, according to their FCC public inspection files record. Channel 32 is in the UHF band. UHF band signals are harder to receive if your antenna's located indoors. Putting it in a window usually helps the UHF band signals get to it much better. I personally have some 75-ohm coaxial cable run from my tv to my window and then use a female-to-female F coupler to connect my antenna to it. 

Robbie Stewart
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