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external speakers without Audio Return Channnel capability on TV

Is it true that I must have ARC capable HDMI ports on my LG TV in order to play audio through external speakers? According to a chat with LG, neither of the two HDMI ports on my LG TV are ARC capable. When I play a movie from Amazon Prime or music from Pandora using Roku, the audio plays through the speakers built into the LG TV. I am using a Roku Express. I have an AV receiver & some good quality external speakers. I have one HDMI direct from Roku to TV. This gives me video & audio on TV. I have a second HDMI direct from TV to AV receiver. I have connected the 2nd HDMI to in & to out ports. The second HDMI has no effect on anything.

Is there any workaround that will give me sound through external speakers:  a different model of Roku device; a different arrangement of connections?

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