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current Roku players

I have a roku 2, 3 and streaming stick plus. I am not sure what model these are but want to make sure these are the current active players. I also have an xd. Is there a 'live chat' option?


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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: current Roku players

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Thanks for the inquiry.

For a list of supported devices that will be receiving the latest OS 9.2, you can visit our Support page: Roku® OS software release notes


Danny R.
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Re: current Roku players

That's interesting.  I've got a Roku 2 XS that says it was updated May 31st, but it's only very recently that I started seeing the "feature" that turns off a stream if I haven't touched the remote in a while.

I saw it for the first time today, but over the last week or it has not been streaming when I wake up - I usually just leave it on all night at low volume. I'm glad I can turn that off, but such a new feature didn't require a system update?


I realize there may be a couple of other reasons it may stop streaming like issues with a channels servers or spontaneous reboots which I've been experiencing more recently.

Some channels are more likely to cause reboots than others.  I suspect they're using features that aren't supported on the 2 XS.  Is that the case?

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