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cord cutting via Roku? Casting issue

Hey folks. 'Mornin. I'm having a bit of an issue and haven't been able to find an appropriate thread anywhere, hope someone can help before I start making YouTube videos of my Roku expess destruction....

So I just moved to this state temporarily, and already my new internet prvider double charged my account, and then decided to credit everything back to the card...following a 2 week hold by my bankm. So in addition to loosing internet, I also lost cell phone, and by default my new job. Then my laptop motherboard dies , and ordering a new one from AliExpress...they never even seen a confirmation to my aunt. Just charged her card and POOF --nothig. So I'm sitting here bored, hoping to use this Roku I got for my bday. To setup, had to rent a room for a night that had wifi and a TV. All went well. Brought it home and connected to dlp TV....and TV lamp blows. Replaced that and cleaned it out. 8 hour job. Turned it on and it worked, but in 8 hours of work now Roku says I need to redownload the Roku Cast something or anotger. It just updated itself 8 hours ago! Now....TV blows again.

Gah!!!!!!! Point is, I have no internet now , but can drive to hotapot at McDonald's (there now), but without a laptop or TV. Isnt there some way to spoon feed this POS so I can watch movies from my phone? I literally have no other option, and if God will quit having FUN, Id like to hear something other than my own voice in the house.

Can I bypass the warning? Using a internet less router so phone and ready by are connected same network. Just, I can't DO Anything because updates aparently come like fastballs. I wonder whatever happened to doing software right the first I'm, and releasing. New one in 2 years? Arg!

I'd appreciate any helpful commebts or input. If you're gonna be a jerk, though, keep it to yourself. There's always that one guy who wasted an hour of his life writing an essay on why you should have bought better stuff to begin with
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Re: cord cutting via Roku? Casting issue

Have no idea what Rokucast is.  Not sure if your Express+ supports Mirracast, if so you might be able to use that to mirror your phone screen to the TV.  Look through the settings for the display mirror function.
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