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Help configuring Roku device settings, using Roku OS features such as screen mirroring, adjusting display type and audio settings, using Guest Mode, and assistance with software updates.
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Xfinity app not working

I have two different rokus at two different homes with two different xfinity accounts. My main home works for the xfinity app but not on 2nd home - even with 2 different roku accounts. Is there fix? 

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Re: Xfinity app not working

Are your Rokus different models, with the one not working being the older one?
To check model name and number: Settings > System > About


The "XFINITY Stream Beta" channel works on these Roku devices:

Roku TV (5XXX, 6XXX: Models within the 5000 and 6000 range)
Streaming Stick (3800, 3600)
Streaming Stick+ (3810)
Express (3900, 3700)
Express+ (3910, 3710)
Premiere (4620)
Premiere+ (4630)
Ultra (4660, 4640)
Roku 4 (4400)
Roku 3 (4200, 4230)
Roku 2 (4210)

The XFINITY Stream Beta Channel will only appear in the channel store for eligible devices. Please verify you have one of the above devices if you do not see the channel in your channel store.

  • Roku Streaming Stick +, 3810X, Ser YH0059427035, wifi LivRm - Samsung UN55ES6100
  • Roku Streaming Stick, 3600X, Ser 5S56D8240827, wifi BedRm - JVC EM37T
  • Roku 3, 4200X, Ser 4124C7087583, wifi GstRm - Sanyo DP26640
  • Roku 2 XD, 3050X (collecting dust in a drawer)
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