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Help configuring Roku device settings, using Roku OS features such as screen mirroring, adjusting display type and audio settings, using Guest Mode, and assistance with software updates.
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Windows can't find my Roku again

For a while, I could mirror my screen from my Windows 10 desktop to my Roku 3810X without a problem. The other day, I started screen mirroring without turning on the TV first; once I did, the computer would not connect. I cancelled the screen mirroring and tried again. But my computer can no longer find the Roku. I did not remove it manually from the list of devices, and cannot add it back. I have updated my wireless adapter driver, reset the wireless connection on the Roku, changed the screen mirroring on the Roku from "Always allow" to "Prompt" and back again, and everything else I could think of. The computer sees my Roku as a device on the network in File Explorer, but cannot see it as a screen mirroring device. What the heck is going wrong!??

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