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Will Roku work in this scenario?

Hi there,

I am trying to find a solution hopefully using Roku as part of it, but have some questions.

My client wants to inatall screens/displays in to a deiling so they can be viewed when a patient lies down in a chair. There will be a windows 10 pc on each room, and ideally we want to program certain images, or videos or slideshows etc from a server or media centre so they can be started by a nurse before the patient arrives.

This needs to be easy foe the nurse to do, and there will be more than one setup, so was hoping we could use the Windows 10 machine as the gateway to the TV, with A Roku atrached to it, then having a NAS with DNLA so the Rokus in each room can access the same data.

I was then thinking of using of uaong an ELGATO stream deck / or juat an app / interface via the Roku on PC to pre program different visual experiences. The reason i like the stream deck as its simple to operate and is controlled, so anyone could use it.

We would either by a tv with integrated ethernet roku or by boxes and patch in via comms room.

I may be barking mad but does this setup sound possible, or if not using  a roku, is there a simpler solution out there ive yet to consider?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Will Roku work in this scenario?

I have an Elgato Stream Deck XL. I would also love to see something from Roku supported. I already control my Spotify and it would be awesome!

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