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Where is the Display/Resolution Options for my Roku TV and Apps?

Hello, I got a 50'' JVC Roku TV today and I'm enjoying it so far. The apps like Netflix and Disney Plus are working well and it's an overall good TV so far. However, I've encounter an issue: Where are the options for display in the settings and how can I view the resolution on apps like Netflix?

I googled multiple times and most keep seeing "Go to settings then display type." I don't see a display type in the settings. For Netflix, I can't view the stream quality. Like the display type thing, I googled multiple times and most said "Press the asterisk (*) button on your remote." I pressed it and get options for sleep timer, tv brightness, picture size, everything except what the Netflix stream quality is.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Where is the Display/Resolution Options for my Roku TV and Apps?

"Display type" is a setting on a separate Roku DEVICE which would be attached to a non-Roku tv, so that you can tell the Roku what resolution to use when sending its signal to the tv for display.

Your Roku tv already knows what its resolution is, so there is no such setting on a Roku tv.

The channel apps typically just leave the resolution up to Roku.  Some individual channel apps could possibly have some sort of resolution controls, I suppose, but you would have to find them within the channel apps' own settings, or possibly in your account settings on the channel's website.

When people ask questions, many fail to mention whether they are asking about a separate Roku device or a TV with Roku built in, as you did (give yourself pat on the back).  Many times if Roku TV is not specifically mentioned, a separate Roku device is assumed, which of necessity has different controls and some menu option differences.  As you've seen,  the options accessed via the * key on your Roku TV remote include television options that would have no meaning on a separate Roku streaming device.

It all gets further complicated if channel owners do not use the default controls built in the Roku but choose to use their own control interfaces.  Some don't use the Roku * key at all within their channel apps.

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