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What happened to the Save list?!

What happened to it?! I’m using an roku ultra in my bedroom and it’s no longer featured. It’s on my iOS roku app but I dont watch movies on my phone. 

I was very thrilled when I heard that this feature had been added.

What happened?!

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Re: What happened to the Save list?!


Interesting.  It does seem to have been removed as a feature from both my Ultra and RokuTV as I had used it before for the Roku Channel.

On the RokuTV, looks like they added some remedial  "Cast and Crew" selection where you would normally see the "Add to Save" selection.  If that is the finished product, not very impressive.  Not even an image, just a list of actors and directors in text format.

They must be tinkering with the Roku Channel again.  Hopefully the Save feature will return shortly.

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Re: What happened to the Save list?!

I certainly hope so. WORD to ROKU: You were my least viewed streaming service because you didn’t have a Save list. Hard to maneuver through all the content and remember what was on and where and for how long. I just grew frustrated and didn’t bother most of the time. 

Then you added the short series and a save list and I was thoroughly enjoying the roku channel. Then it vanished. Back to square one.😖

I have a free trial to Showtime through roku and if a save list is not provided by the time it expires I will have no choice but to subscribe through its standalone service or Amazon prime. Because they have a save list! How hard can it be to add?!

Also emailed roku about this with hopes of an answer. I was promised a reply within 24 hrs but nothing came of it. I really thought roku was a better service than this?

Time to switch to a fire stick or Apple TV? I really don’t want to.

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