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Watching apps on Roku TV, it freezes then shuts down

When i am watching Disney+ or Netflix on my Roku TV, it sometimes freezes then turns off. I have had the TV for almost three months and it just started freezing and turning off the last month. I don’t know why, it doesn’t tell me anything it just freezes then turns off then turns back on. It has happened about 4 times already.

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Re: Watching apps on Roku TV, it freezes then shuts down

Something similar but different. We were watching Spectrum (cable provider) tonight and the Roku remote control was on the nightstand and it just shut off and went back to the main list of channels. A bigger problem is with trying to turn the TV off or turn back on. In the past, we've turned off the TV with the Roku remote after watching either a cable provided channel or a streaming one like Netflix and the TV won't power down and I have to go to the remote that came with the TV and turn it off. Sometimes when the power is already off and you attempt to turn it on with the Roku remote, it doesn't power up or if it does, no picture appears. I've been forced to unplug the TV for a few seconds, plug it back in and then try to turn it on and that usually works. Sometimes I press the Netflix button that is built into to the remote and Netflix then appears and we then have to get out of that channel and go to what we want to watch at the time. We've had the TV and the Roku for about 5 months and this problem started occurring about 2 months ago. We have a Vizio 24"-LED-D series-1080p-Smart-HDTV and the Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810R. Any assistance you can provide would be welcome. Thx.

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