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Watch a movie privately?

Hi, Does Roku support a feature which allows a family member watch a movie etc. and it is not shown on other family member phone what he/she is watching?

I.e when I'm watching another war movie at Saturday night and I don't want others see what I'm watching. Not even a title or in the best case if I'm watching at all. We all share Chromecast and would like to share "The next Device" in future too but just watch privately just like normal TV. We use Netflix, HBO etc.

From 8 yrs daughter in the Sunday morning today: "Dad, I Googled the movie you watched at night. I saw it on the phone when I woke up and checked what time is. It was very scary movie." Discussions I rather not create.

Watch a movie privately and share the device just like (or about like) Chromecast do. That's the initial requirement.

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