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Help configuring Roku device settings, using Roku OS features such as screen mirroring, adjusting display type and audio settings, using Guest Mode, and assistance with software updates.
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Level 7


i know this is not a problem but i want to be able to set my own photos off of my phone to my roku device i spent 400 dollars on my tv and i should be able to set my own photos as my background

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Level 18

Re: Wallpapers

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 7

Re: Wallpapers

@boogernose, hold it, thats your desicion, not mine. Sell your rokus, i dont work for them. You thretaning to suicide will not make me do what you say nor kudo (is no longer called upvote, i think) you. Thats your desicion. Do it.

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