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Video Playlists

I initially misunderstood how Roku handles playlists when I first got it, but now I'm curious: When playing my own videos off a USB drive, is there a way to make playlist files that will play select files from within a folder or folders? 

For instance, I have a folder with all seven seasons worth of episodes of a show. But I wanted to make a playlist file of only episodes featuring a certain character. I made a playlist file using VLC player and the actual files in the USB drive, but while Roku displays the playlist file in the player, it doesn't recognize any of the the files in the playlist. 

Is it a matter of correcting something about the filenames or playlist type, or am I trying to do something it wasn't designed to do? (If not, it should be) 

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Re: Video Playlists

I believe Roku Media Player supports M3U playlists. But they have to be correctly constructed. The file path needs to be relative, as there's no drive letter assigned to the USB drive when connected to the Roku. So base every file location on the root of the USB drive, i.e. "\folder_name\subfolder_name\file_name. If the files are in the root, then it's just \file_name. I use a program called Playlist Creator 3 (Windows only), and it is capable of creating both PLS and M3U playlists, using relative or hard file locations. 
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