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Help configuring Roku device settings, using Roku OS features such as screen mirroring, adjusting display type and audio settings, using Guest Mode, and assistance with software updates.
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Using someone else's Roku

I am renting a place far from home that has its own Roku TV device. I have logged onto my accounts for Netflix, Paramount, BritBox, Acorn, HBOMax. When I leave here in a few weeks, I'd like to disconnect my accounts from this Roku. How do I do that?

Also, I used to be able to email Roku support directly, but that no longer seems possible. Does anyone know if there is a way to do that with such specific quesitons?

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Re: Using someone else's Roku

1) Logout all accounts on all apps you authenticated with your credentials (best most polite thing)


2) Factory reset the device (most probably very impolite, the owners will have to reactivate it)

(This assumes they didnt activate Guest Mode and you arent using that - verify with the owners whether Guest Mode is active or not.  If it is using Guest Mode, you wont have to do anything, all accounts for all services will be logged out automatically per preset leave date or manual sign out option)

Chat/email/pone support, depending on model/issue:

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