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Using UMS (Universal Media Server) with Roku Ultra 4K

I'm considering adding a Roku unit or two in to my network.  I have our home and a guest house, both on the same LAN (they're about 350' apart, but connected by fiber cable).  I'm dumping DISH TV because I'm tired of having to work around all the bugs on their DVR system.  I think I'll be using a mix of Apple TV and Roku, depending on what I like about the different products.

I'm using Channels as a DVR and am still experimenting with apps for playback for that.  It appears there is not a Channels app for Roku.  I have been using UMS for a good while for other purposes and am thinking I can use that as a server for the shows Channels records.  I see some mention of UMS in the forums here, but I can't see anything that gives me a clear statement that I can play media files on a Roku from a UMS server.

Can I play video files on my Roku through UMS?

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Re: Using UMS (Universal Media Server) with Roku Ultra 4K

UMS is one of many DLNA server products available. Yes, Roku can play over DLNA using the Roku Media Player channel/app. What I don't know is what sort of support UMS has for Roku players. The problem is that Roku only supports a limited number of codecs and containers. If your media is unsupported, it has to be transcoded to play. Some DLNA servers offer profiles specifically for Roku devices, while some don't. 

If your media is in a MKV, TS, MOV or MP4 container, and the video is H.262/264/265 or MP4, and the audio is Dolby Digital, 2 channel AAC or PCM, then they will play with no issues. Note that the non-4K Roku players don't support H.265, and older Roku players don't support H.262 (MPEG-2) either. 

If UMS does support transcoding specific for Roku (and I think it might) then you'll be fine. You could also consider another DLNA server option, such as Plex (which has its own Roku app) or Serviio. I happen to be the author of the Roku profiles on Serviio, so I know they work pretty well. Smiley Happy

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