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Using Bluetooth on a Roku Ultra for audio only

I watch a lot of things outside using a projector (No audio capability). Currently I log into #youtubetv on my lap top, and connect a bluetooth speaker to the lap top for sound. I would like to connect my Roku Ultra (4670 series)   to the projector and then connect a #bluetooth speaker to the Ultra. (That would give me the ability to easily change channels


Does anyone know if this is doable or not? I know there are projectors out there that I can buy that provide sound and #bluetooth connectivity. Was wondering if I could avoid that expense since I already own my current projector.

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Re: Using Bluetooth on a Roku Ultra for audio only

The only way to connect a generic bluetooth audio device to a roku is to use the phone/tablet roku app which can send the audio to a device paired to the phone.   How well this works will depend on your wifi quality - you'll find some complaints in this forum but I have it working acceptably well with headphones. Alternatively you can get an HDMI audio extractor to connect video and audio separately at the cable level.

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Re: Using Bluetooth on a Roku Ultra for audio only

What a rip off! I bought the new Ultra just because it said I could sync Bluetooth! Had I known it would be almost impossible, I would never have purchased it. Really am disappointed. Woman Mad