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Update Killed my Express+

HELP!  I recently reconnected one of my Roku Express+ boxes, which had been disconnected for a few months. Upon startup, I did need to reconnect with our Wi-Fi network, as I had changed our SSID during the interim. After doing that, however, everything was working well. I was able to access all of our apps and tested that our app passwords still worked. Everything was great.

However, as the Roku had been idle for some time, I decided to ckeck for any software updates. As I expected, a system update was available, so I proceeded with the update. Again, everything looked perfectly normal during the process. 

However, once the update completed and the unit restarted, it briefly displayed the bouncing Roku welcome screen, but then the screen suddenly turned bright green, with (apparently) random characters scattered around the screen. Then, after two seconds or so, the screen went completely dark. 

Since then, I see no output from the Express on either the HDMI or the analog outputs. (My TV doesn't even detect an HDMI signal from my Roku.)

All I see is a steady, white light on the front of the unit. Without any on-screen display, I am unable to even try to diagnose the problem. I have tried every variation I can find, on performing a hard reset using the pinhole reset button on the back. I've tried both 20 and 30-sceond button presses, including variations in which you keep the button depressed for similar lengths of time after disconnecting the power, but no luck. 

Can somebody help me, please? Does Roku monitor this forum?

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Re: Update Killed my Express+

To do a factory reset it has to be powered on, then you depress the pinhole for over 30 seconds or more. 

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