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Update 9.4.0 Breaks Bandwidth Saver/Screensaver options

I have a couple of Roku 3s (4200x). I only really use them to watch my Plex Server, and generally keep the Roku in that channel all the time. Turn on the TV, Plex is up and ready to go for me. That's how I like it and it has worked that way ever since I got the Rokus (they are super old, so you know that has been years of using them a certain way)

Since an update earlier this week, all my Rokus time out and return to the home menu after an undisclosed period of time.

Shutting off the Bandwidth Saver setting has no effect.

Some other post mentioned power settings that don't exist. I shut off the screensaver, and disabled the roku being able to control other devices.

Searching google didn't come up with anything.

Does anyone here know how i can fix this?

I have already contacted Plex, they say this is a Roku issue directly resulting from update 9.4.0.

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Re: Update 9.4.0 Breaks Bandwidth Saver/Screensaver options

You're not alone and I'm not aware of any fix at this time.  It was reportedly "passed along to the appropriate team to investigate further" a couple of weeks ago by a Roku employee here.  Search "9.4.0 timeout to Roku home screen" for the related thread.  The timeout appears to be about 2 hours and it returns to the home screen without any warning or option to cancel, regardless of any screensaver, bandwidth, or other settings in Roku or the channel (that I'm aware of). 

I also use Roku almost exclusively for my Plex server (4660 Ultra, in my case, but it's h/w independent).  It's an annoying new behavior that appears to serve no other purpose than forcing you to revisit the Roku home screen for no reason (although that screen DOES have ads on it) every time it decides you've been inactive for a couple of hours in whatever channel you're using.

For the short-term (I'm hoping Roku rethinks this decision; there's already a bandwidth saver setting, so this behavior appears to serve zero purpose beyond forced advertising) I've memorized the short button combo on my universal remote to launch Plex without having to look at the TV screen.  The next step might be a macro on the remote to do it for me, but I hope it doesn't come to workarounds (since that wouldn't work for everyone).     

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