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Level 7

Ultra constantly signals the remote

I am losing my mind!  My Roku Ultra is almost constantly signaling the remote!  I haven't asked it to, but it does!  I've reset the roku and the remote many times.  I've checked for updates, I've made sure there are no buttons stuck... 

When the Roku signals the remote, the sound is extremely annoying.  I keep changing it hoping a new sound won't be as annoying, but, it is!!  And to use the remote while the Roku is signaling it is a huge hassle too!  You have to double click and go back and forth because the system isn't recognizing the remote that is in your hand and accessing the system with is the remote it is signaling.  It constantly jumps options, so you end up clicking on things you don't want.  

I'm about to throw both the remote and the Roku at the wall!  Please help!!

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