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Ultra Device failing after 8+ Years

Don't know if it's because the Ultra device has been getting more of a workout since I'm home more now during the self-quarantine period due to the situation, or what, but it seems that my Ultra device is failing.

It is happening more and more with the Yahoo channel, and I find myself having to unplug hte device a few times to get Yahoo to play.

Not to mention that the CW11 won't play at all on this device; I asked tech support about this, and they told me the usual: uninstall and reinstall the channel, but that did nothing.

Now, I did buy a 55" SONY smart TV about 2 mos ago for my office, and the CW channel plays fine without a device, right from the TV.

But my issue is that it appears that my 8+ yr old Ultra is on its last legSmiley Frustrated

Roku won't repair it, and there is no trade in for a new unit is there?

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Re: Ultra Device failing after 8+ Years

The Ultra was first released (model 4640) in Oct 2016, so nowhere near 8 years old. I don't think you're having an issue with the Ultra. It sounds more like those two particular channels are the problem. I don't use either, so I can't speak to them personally. But you can't compare the same channel on a non-Roku device for two reasons. First, they are developed and written in completely different software, so one could have a problem in the code but the other is fine. The second reason is that the larger streaming services use different servers to feed different devices. So your Sony might be streaming from a server in Atlanta (just throwing a city out there), while the Roku is streaming from a server in San Diego. So they could have a server with a problem affecting one platform, but another works fine. 


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Re: Ultra Device failing after 8+ Years

Don't know what happened within the last fortnight, but there must've been some sort of upgrade to the software for the Roku device.

Now, I can log into the CW11 and the shows play.

I am also seeing the advertisements on the right-hand side of the screen for different program place, this time of year and seen things such as Christmas movies, and for a while that window wasn't there on the right-hand side.

I'm just glad that management got their act together and did whatever they had to do to fix this problem; though I suspect it had something to do with the company being publicly traded and the stock price rising like wildfire that they thought they should get back together.

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