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Ultra 4800R connected via Ethernet: does it require wifi password to set up and use?

Hi All:

i just bought a new Ultra 4800R and it's arriving shortly today.

thinking ahead, my current Roku3 is connected via ethernet and i will merely swap out the Roku3 and replace it with the Ultra 4800R.

with that in mind, reading the not-too-detailed instructions on the support pages, is it REQUIRED that i enter my wifi password for the included remote of the Ultra 4800R to work properly?  my limited understanding is that the wifi remote works with the Ultra 4800R via a wifi set up that is BETWEEN THE ULTRA AND THE REMOTE ONLY, i.e. not related to my home's wifi.   As such, i thought that maybe i don't have to enter the unwieldy wifi password of the home's wifi.

hope to hear from the experienced users here.  thank you very much in advance.


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