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Ultra 4660 Power and HDMI connections

Bought brand new Ultra 4660, setup and connected via HDMI and the device worked flawlessly for almost a month. Now two issues have arose

1- On the TV which is using the exact same connection of hdmi as source get No Signal message. Tried disconnecting and reconnecting HDMI cable, switched to an alternate HDMI port, powered off Roku unit and TV  still get same result of No Signal on TV.

2- This new problem I'm seeing the roku 4660 is now loses its power connection where i have to unplug and plug power.

3- Does the 4660 device opeeate better using 5ghz wifi or 2.4ghz

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Ultra 4660 Power and HDMI connections


Thanks for the inquiry.

The No Signal message that you are getting may be related to your power issue (unless you're getting it when the device is powered on). Have you tried replacing the HDMI cable to see if that helps resolve the device detection issue? Alternatively, have you tried plugging the device to another TV and seeing if you see the same behavior?

As for the power issue, if the device is brand new and is having an issue with power when it is plugged into the wall, it may be defective, in which we would recommend exchanging it from where you purchased the device.

Please keep us posted and we will continue to assist you from there.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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Re: Ultra 4660 Power and HDMI connections


I appreciate the quick response on my issue.

Uodate:  I moved the Roku unit to another TV an LG WebOS model 49UH6030.  The Roku has performed without instance of loss of connectivity via HDMI2. I suspect now the Sanyo TV must have had a bad board as both HDMI1 and HDMI2 had the No Signal message on TV screen.

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