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Level 7

USB port

On my roku ultra can the USB port be used for a USB Wi-Fi extender? Roku Ultra (4670 series)  

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Level 18

Re: USB port

Ha! interesting question but I doubt it.

I would think you should look into wifi repeaters.

or Wireless Range Extenders or a Bridge

to get a better signal to your Roku.

If you already have such a usb extender give it a go.

If anything blows up I have no forwarding address.

ask this guy; @atc98092 

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 19

Re: USB port

@Asc1990  Thanks for the question.

In short, no. The USB port on your device can only be used to access local media on a USB storage drive to play using a media player channel. 




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