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Two Roku Devices on 1 TV

I have 1 TV. I would like to connect 2 Roku devices to this 1 TV: one Roku device will connect directly to the TV via HDMI input #1. The other Roku device will connect directly to my receiver via HDMI and my TV will connect to my receiver via HDMI input #2. I’m doing it this way because I want to watch my workout videos on the TV (Beachbody on Demand via Roku) while also listening to my playlist on Spotify on my AV receiver.  When I do this, I can change the input source on my receiver to listen to my music, while I can have the TV on input source HDMI #1 to watch the Beachbody on Demand videos. There will be other times where my wife will want to watch AND listen to Beachbody on Demand via Roku on my receiver sound system so that is why I have the 2nd Roku device connected to my receiver for that option. Will this work? Do you see any issues with the two remote controls?

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Re: Two Roku Devices on 1 TV

If you get two roku that accept IR commands then yes there will be coflict each time you use the roku remote. Get two roku that have wifi voice remote then there won't be any remote conflicts. Roku with wifi remote include the express+, premiere+, ultra lt, Ultra, and Roku Stick+. And the Roku brand Soundbar. All the devices I listed accept the Stick+ also can be controlled by IR remote, so buying one roku with IR remote and one of the others you will still have remote conflicts. Both the roku's have to be paired to a wifi remote. 

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Re: Two Roku Devices on 1 TV

If you have an iphone or android phone you can use the phone roku app as a remote control.  It will let you switch among multiple roku targets.   However, it seems like if you only want audio from the 2nd device you would be better off with a bluetooth receiver added to your audio receiver if it doesn't already have that functionality and play to it from an app on your phone.   Or just use your phone with headphones...

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