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This MicroSD card situation is a nightmare

I am posting this here as a final gesture of frustration and anger because apparently Roku does not employ or allow it's customers access to actual support staff. My issue "does not qualify" for that.

  • I own 5 different Roku devices spanning 4 hardware generations.
  • I have purchased and tried to install 7 different brands and sizes of MicroSD cards of different class types.
  • I have read countless posts on this and other sites on the internet made by customers struggling with the same issue, and have tried their advice.
  • I have failed EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • I have spent so much time and money trying to avoid having to reload channels every time I use my devices, to no avail, only to be prompted with an infuriating suggesting that a "microSD card is now recommended". Oh really?!

I'm pretty sure Apple TV doesn't have this problem, and doesn't treat it's customers with this level of contempt by blatantly ignoring this issue for multiple hardware generations.


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