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Third party license concerns on preowned tcl rocky tv

I have a preowned tcl tv I bought from an individual. There is a very lengthy and wordy third party license agreement under “system” that concerns me. Should I even have that? Almost sounds like I’m giving up rights to privacy to me

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Re: Third party license concerns on preowned tcl rocky tv

If you don't agree with the terms, don't agree to the terms. But I will say that you might not like just about any terms of service for most anything you use, if you read all through it. Lots of privacy concessions are made by users that don't read the ToS.

Keep in mind that the ToS will be the same on a new device. It's unrelated to it being a pre-owned model.

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Re: Third party license concerns on preowned tcl rocky tv

Those license agreements are mandatory for Roku to state because they're using open-source and other third party code.  It has nothing to do with terms of service.  If companies want to use this code they are free to do so as long as they clearly state they are doing it and make all code and modifications available to the public.  For the most part Roku didn't write any of that - they are just presenting the agreements/licenses as stated by the third parties, so those agreements apply to Roku, not to you as a user.