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Level 7

TCL P605 starts very bright and high sharpness, have to reboot tv constantly to fix.

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently started having this problem again after first noticing it back in June/July, where it fixed itself after a few days. Now it has reappeared and has persisted since September.

Basically, every time I turn on my tv and go to an HDMI input, it’s very noticeably bright and the sharpness settings look like they’ve been cranked up to the max (I have “brighter” for the TV, backlight at 20 and sharpness at 0 so it’s very noticeable). I have to go back to my Home Screen and do a system restart, and then everything looks normal like I’ve adjusted them to. Whenever I do something that requires me to switch inputs by going home then selecting something like HDMI 2, the high brightness/sharpness issue comes back. Have to go home, restart, then it’s gone. Rinse and repeat.

I’ve tried doing a factory reset and unplugging my TV to power cycle it, but it still persists. 

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