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Level 9

Subtitles not working?

For some reason, my subtitles have stopped working on most apps. I have it set to "Always On". I cannot get subtitles on Hulu, Amazon Prime, even Live TV. All on shows that used to have subtitles. Any ideas?

TCL Roku TV 7130X Software 9.4.0 build 4190-30

They usually work on this device on these same shows. Sometimes I do Always On and sometimes I do On Repeat. But now nothing works.

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Level 7

Re: Subtitles not working?

Try this:

1. Doublecheck that subtitles are enabled for a series when you log in with a browser

2. Doublecheck subtitles are enabled per show (from playback, up arrow, settings, subtitles on/off)

3. Remove Hulu channel from Roku

4. Reboot Roku (Settings --> System --> Reboot)

5. Add Hulu channel again

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