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Streaming Stick versus Streaming Stick + Responsiveness/ Speed

Will a Streaming Stick + be more responsive/ faster than a Streaming Stick?

According to Wikipedia both the Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick + have an ARM Cortex A53 processor (all units from this generation, including Express units have the same processor). The only (hardware/ speed related notwithstanding 4K) difference between the Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick + is that the Streaming Stick + has 1 GB of memory and 512 MB of channel storage while the Streaming Stick has 512 MB of memory and 256 MB of channel storage.

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Level 7

Re: Streaming Stick versus Streaming Stick + Responsiveness/ Speed

More than likely you won't notice any difference in performance on a 2K TV.  The Stick+ has a better antenna so if your wifi signal is weak then the Stick+ might give better streaming with less buffering.  However the regular Stick wifi performance often can be improved by adding a HDMI extension cable to move it further away from the TV.
On a 4K HDR TV the Stick might be a bit more responsive because the Stick+ will be busy decoding/upconverting everything to 4K or 4K HDR using more wifi bandwidth.  Where as the Stick will be decoding/upconverting everything to just 2K and the TV with then upconvert from 2K to 4K.
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Re: Streaming Stick versus Streaming Stick + Responsiveness/ Speed

I too would like to know how the Stick+'s doubled RAM improves performance.  I just have subjective feel...

But I wish Roku had put in more channel storage flash in their 2017 players and TV's that don't have microSD expansion.  I'm seeing the percentage "Loading" prompt more often (worst on the 256MB Stick, but also some on the Roku TV, and now even the 512MB Stick+ and Ultra once in awhile).  Seems modern (SceneGraph/NDK?) apps are getting larger, and apps like YouTube, Sling, etc have a noticeable wait to redownload the app code even with fast Internet.

For that reason, I wish I hadn't purchased some of the 256MB Stick's and had gone higher-end.

I think minimum 1GB storage on the lower-end models, and 2GB or more on the higher end, would provide a more consistent user experience now and in the near future (and displace the need to bother with a microSD slot and user trial-and-error for a compatible card).

No Fire TV has ever had less than 8GB storage (along with 1-2GB RAM), though to be fair Roku OS is supposed to be more lightweight.

Shouldn't bring up the 32-64GB Apple TV or 16-500GB Shield TV (with unlimited adoptable storage) since they're in a different price class...

P.S.  Would be nice to have a secret screen that lists the full app sizes.
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