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Level 7

Streaming Stick - no signal

I haven't used my stick in several months. Today I tried to use it and I get the No Signal on my TV. The TV knows it's there but Roku doesn't seem to. I've never really used Roku like I could be doing

- I tried it in the two HDMI ports in my TV with the same results.
- I held down the button on the stick but the white light never changed..I'm assuming that means it didn't do anything.
- Plugged the Roku power cord in the USB then the outlet
- Restarted the TV with the stick plugged in....just because
- I have no other TV to test it on
- I'm not rebooting my router because my other wireless devices work.

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Level 7

Re: Streaming Stick - no signal

I haven't heard from anyone.  Any suggestions on what I can do??:

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