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Start a recording @ a specific time?

Is there anyway I can schedule a recording from say... Netflix or Amazon, at a SPECIFIC TIME?

Specifically during the night, when my speed & data aren't effected.

Netflix & Prime seem to be like OnDemand.   But I'd like to record them during the middle of the night, then watch during the day.

I have no problem watching shows from those channels during the day, But I'd like to save my data and have faster speed.  My internet provider allows a "bonus time" from 2am to 8am..  It doesn't affect my "allowed data".... But I'm asleep, lol


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Re: Start a recording @ a specific time?

Unfortunately, there is no real way to control when something plays. Plus, just how are you recording? Roku's are just streaming devices and have no recording capability. There are some external DVR's, but copy protection flags will probably prevent them from recording from the streaming services.

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