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Spectrum App

I understand there's a feud between Roku and Spectrum and you can't add the Spectrum app anymore.  However, my question is if I already have a Roku account and want to add another device, will I be able to see the Spectrum app on my new device when I set it up and sign in?

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Re: Spectrum App

If you already have the app installed on a device currently, it should replicate to the new device, assuming its the same Spectrum and Roku account.

However, I have seen reports from some saying this didnt happen for them, that the Spectrum app did not replicate to their new device on the same Spectrum & Roku account.

You might be able to call Spectrum in such a scenario and they may give you a link to a private version of the app with a code, but there are also mixed reports for that as well.

Ultimately the best (and only) way to find out/know for sure is to buy and setup a new device.

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