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Soundbar control no longer works after updating


I have a Roku ultra that was connected in my bedroom to an older Vizio TV that has a Yamaha soundbar connected via optical (soundbar doesnt even have HDMI). Since Christmas 2018, the volume control worked flawlessly from the Roku remote on the Yamaha sound bar and the power on/off to the TV.

About three months ago I brought the Roku downstairs and connected it to a newer Vizio TV with a Vizio soundbar, same setup no HDMI to or from soundbar but just as it did upstairs the volume control on the soundbar just worked from the Roku remote.


Well, last night I updated the Roku ultra and now the volume control no longer works. I even took it back upstairs to the old TV and it doesn't work there either. Something has changed with the update and I understand I can't roll back. I'm looking for a solution before I throw all three of my Roku's in the trash. Connecting via HDMI ARC should not be necessary as I've been using it for a year without. Any help is appreciated.