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Solving lack of optical out on Ultra 2020

I retired my Roku 4 today replacing it with a Roku Ultra 2020.  I knew losing the optical out would be a problem but the Roku 4 was starting to act up.


I have old receivers and no money for a new one:

A Sony STR-DE995 with no HDMI in, but it does have analog inputs for an external surround decoder. 

A Yamaha RX-V367 which has HDMI and claims Dolby Digital DTS processing but doesn't seem to be compatible.


The Yamaha defaults to PCM and 2-channel matrixing to produce gastly surround effects.  Why anyone ever thought that was a good idea is beyond me.  If I force the Roku into Dolby Digital mode I got it to work briefly in Netflix.  Once I exit Netflix the Roku swaps back to 2-channel PCM and the receiver and TV complain loudly as they can no longer translate the signal.  Then they refuse to return to Dolby Digital.


I could get an HDMI to Optical converter for $11, or an external decoder for $50, or a receiver for $500, but if there is a way to get it to work without additional investment I'd rather do that.


Have any of you faced similar challenges?  This is not unique to the Roku Ultra 2020 as the optical out has been missing for years so I'd love to hear what others have done or if I'm just missing some work around in the settings of something.