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[Solved] 12-hours difference after time change

Yesterday in EU we moved our clocks 1 hour ahead. My Roku Streaming Stick+ (9.0.0 software) initially didn't do so, it did it after a few minutes (when I was already watching a movie) and it crashed. 

After the restart the time has adjusted but there's exactly 12-hours difference - e.g. I'm watching something at 8 PM and Roku claims it's 8 AM.

I've changed the time zone to manual and it the respective screen Roku displays EU time zone as supposedly having the incorrect time. Setting it back to automatic recognition hasn't helped. Can anyone suggest any fix for this?

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Level 19

Re: 12-hours difference after time change

Hi there! 

Thanks for the note. 

- If you try changing the time zone back to 'Set automatically', does this resolve the issue? 
- If you adjust the clock format to 24 hour, does the time display correctly? 
- Have you tried repeatedly restarting your device and/or your modem/router to see if this clears up the issue? 

Feel free to PM me with your Roku account email address and the serial number of your Roku device if you need more help, and I can see what other options we might be able to suggest. 

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Level 8

Re: 12-hours difference after time change

Hi Tanner,

Adjusting the clock and timezone didn't help, and I did it several times. However multiple Roku restarts seem to have done the job - the clock got back to normal!
I can't explain why a single restart didn't help, but - as far as I remember - 4 in a row were necessary, but the issue is gone.
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