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Level 7

Shocked by New Roku Ultra slow performance

I've owned Roku's for a few years, and have been satisfied enough to buy 3 now, and give a couple as presents.
My previous Roku 3 was and is a Champ, Love it.
Then I got the Roku Ultra for another room.
First indicators were some problems during initial setup, freezes, etc. After around 3 different issues, it did start. 
But I ignored that as a 'startup' issue.
Then the immediate need for an update. A very, very slow update, slower than Roku3 had ever needed.
Things like adding new channels were taking a very Long time, but I still didn't worry, this was the first time setup.
Then I added channels later, and again, it was very slow to add new channels.
Removing a channel was also very slow. And even just normal usage, the unit was slow.
I've compared it to my Roku 3, and I'm certain the Roku 3 is a much faster unit. I'm sorry I bought the Roku Ultra and being that it's quite new, I might see if I can return it and get a used Roku 3 as a 2nd unit.
 - I wonder how the Roku Ultra, which is supposed to have 'faster' and better hardware, is so outpaced by an old Roku 3?
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Level 11

Re: Shocked by New Roku Ultra slow performance

Probably a bad unit. Why not return for replacement?
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Level 15

Re: Shocked by New Roku Ultra slow performance

While my Ultra is the 2016 version, I've never had any such issues. I agree that there's likely something wrong with it and I would get a replacement.
Roku Stick (3600), Ultra (4640), Premiere (3920), Insignia 720p Roku TV, Sharp 4K Roku TV, Nvidia Shield, Windows 10 Pro x64 running Serviio and Plex on a wired Gigabit network.
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Level 7

Re: Shocked by New Roku Ultra slow performance

Bad news: Roku 3 also became extremely slow. It is currently updating Youtube channel for the last half an hour and it managed to update only 3%. 
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