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Setup the Netflix app Remotely?

My mom has a Roku Express (purchased 2017) that she uses to watch Netflix. Unfortunately, the Netflix app lost it's login credentials a few months ago so she hasn't been able to access Netflix. Normally I would just log in again, but she lives in assisted living and hasn't been able to have visitors for the last year. So I have no way of updating her Roku or Netflix settings in person, and she doesn't have the mental capacity to enter the information herself. Staff at the facility is not able to do it for her either.

Is there any way to access her Roku remotely so I could enter the Netflix login credentials again?

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Re: Setup the Netflix app Remotely?

I strongly doubt it can be done without the access to the device.

Any possible solution that comes to mind includes such access.

It would be a security risk.

Surely someone at the facility can help....


---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Re: Setup the Netflix app Remotely?

Thanks boogernose. I didn't think so, but thought I would ask.

It took two months to get someone at the facility to unplug her old phone and plug in a new one. I doubt they would take the time to enter a long email address and password on the Netflix app, even if they knew how to do it.

I guess mom will just have to do without Netflix until the COVID lockdowns are over. At least she has cable TV to watch.

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