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Setting up Alexa control - Help!

Finally this skill has been enabled for the UK. Reading the Roku skill reviews for Alexa though, people have been struggling to get it to connect. Luckily the skill appears to have been updated recently so I enabled the skill on my 3rd gen Echo Dot to see if it was fixed. And... It paired to my Streaming Stick+ no probs! Fantastic. I issued a command to launch a channel. Worked great! Channel launched perfectly. I issued another command... and am told Alexa can't talk to the Roku for a second time unless I disable and re-enabled the skill? I do so, which is a pain because it has me log in to the Roku account again on my phone, and it works! For one more command before requiring another disable/enable cycle. This happens every time, one command then it refuses.


I have tried making sure all devices are on the same frequency, but there's no difference in behavior. Of course I've tried power cycling everything. I note that if I go through the disable/enable to the point where I log in to the Roku account and link the account, but then force close the Alexa app on my phone before it trys to detect the Roku (the 45 second scan) it works again for a single command, so the problem seems to be with the Roku account linking to Alexa rather than with the detection of the device at my end.


Is this something that the Roku devs can fix? Or is there something I can do to work around the problem? Please help, Roku fans and devs.

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Re: Setting up Alexa control - Help!

It says that sometimes but if you reword it or repeat it, it will work. It is like Alexa loses connection.

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