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Screen mirroring roku express issue- no on screen pin will show up

Hi guys. I am on a Roku express and I usually use my iPad or my iPhone as a remote. I try to screen personal videos or pictures from there or I’ll try to do screen mirroring of a website: especially now since most of our work and learning is online. However, anytime I try to use the screen mirroring feature, I am prompted to enter the on screen pin number, but there is no on screen pin number. Nothing ever changes or shows up. Does anyone have any suggestions about this? I don’t remember ever setting up a pin in the first place and I know that I’m not getting device generated pins either.

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Roku Employee

Re: Screen mirroring roku express issue- no on screen pin will show up


Thanks for the inquiry.

Please be aware that screen mirroring with a Roku device is not supported with iOS® or Apple devices. You will be able to display photos, videos, and music using the Play on Roku feature built into the free Roku mobile app. 

For more information about screen mirroring on the Roku device, visit our Support page here: How do I use screen mirroring with my Android™ or Windows® device?


Danny R.
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