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Screen Mirroring Options DO NOTHING!

I can NOT stop chrome from casting to my Roku. There is a "Screen Mirroring" option in the Roku settings. It has three options:

1) Prompt

2) Always Allow

3) Never Allow


It does not matter which of these 3 settings I choose, my Roku still gets hijacked by any device that casts to my Roku. If I select "Prompt" I never get a prompt, my Roku gets taken over by the device casting youtube to it, "Allow" and "Never Allow" are the same, they both always allow it!


Other people in my house using phones, tablets or computers can simply take over my Roku at anytime by accidentally hitting the "chromecast" button and selecting my Roku from the list of devices it spots on my network.


So tell me Roku, and all the brilliant programmers you have working for you, what is the point of a screen mirroring option "Never Allow" that specifically says "When a device tries to cast to your TV screen it will be automatically blocked" when it NEVER blocks it?


This needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY! This is completely unacceptable that my Roku can be taken over by anyone connected to my home network and there is nothing that I can do about it.


The people at Chrome are total jerks, people have been complaining going back at least two years about casting with no option to shut it off on their message boards and their moderators don't care. Not only do they refuse to address the issue they lock the threads so chrome users can't keep complaining about the forced feature.


I expect much better from Roku, please do not respond to me saying that this is a Chrome issue and there is nothing that Roku can do about it because that is nonsense! I paid for a Roku product and Roku needs to actually make "Never Allow" any casting in the "Screen Mirroring" setting perform the way it's supposed to!


If Roku can't block other devices from hijacking it then it's a terrible product and I will never purchase another one again.

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