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SO ANNOYED. 8.x turned my P+ into a joke.

So each day now I live in a TV world of complete chaos thanks to Roku. If I had virtually any other viable option I'd be gone without looking back. For a couple years now life on a Roku device has been a continual case of living with trade-offs. The release of the 8.x OS update has only made things MUCH worse.

My setup is a home theater with a Sony projector, a Yamaha Aventage 7.1 (5.1 for Roku) sound system and, of course my Roku Premiere +. 

I was so excited to hear that Roku was going to finally deal with judder issues by allowing their device to set the refresh rate automatically, but the implementation of that has been a mess. Trying to watch Youtube, for example, is a constant distraction of the screen blanking for seconds at a time as it switches between ads and the content I'm interested in. So I can have that, or I can have Judder. Nice.

Then there's the new blanking/purple input issue. Roughly 40% of anything I want to start has the chance of getting me stuck in this loop of watching the Roku just "get lost". 

If it doesn't have that issue then perhaps it'll have the issue of the audio being entirely way off the mark. This is most evident for me in the Hulu app where half the time I load a program I have to first rewind back to the beginning to get the audio back in sync. However, then half of THAT time I will end up with video running at twice the speed as if in FF while audio plays at normal speed.

I guess I don't understand how Roku seems to be okay with keeping customers in this continual state of disappointment. Their 4.x device they literally just ignored and then released new hardware hoping that would magically make everyone happy (except for everyone that bought one). It's now been a few years since the "glory days" of Roku being a solidly reliable device. It really shouldn't be this complicated. 

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Re: SO ANNOYED. 8.x turned my P+ into a joke.

Yep.  And the Keystone Cops of a mess firmware developers are only making it worse.
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