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RokuTV, Powering ON to AntennaTV input, frequently reboots?

RokuTV, Powering ON to AntennaTV input, frequently reboots?

As a bug report, I am trying to determine if I have a defective hardware, or if this is just another bug in RokuOS 8.  In this case, I have a problem with a Hitachi 50R8 RokuTV 6402X.

It is set to Power on to the Antenna TV input by default.
It is increasingly flaky, to where 75% of the time, upon initial power on, it will hang when attempting to connect the AntennaTV input, then do a full reboot, and then successfully automatically connect to the AntennaTV input after it fully reboots on.

This happens whether I have Fast TV start enabled or disabled.
The external TV antenna is perfectly connected with a high quality shielded coax cable.

I did not notice this bug at all in Roku OS 7.7, but it is definitely noticeable with Roku OS 8.
Am currently running software version 8.0.0 build 4142-33 (no newer update available to it yet)

I have now switched to having it Power on to the Home screen by default, but now approx. 40% of the time when I freshly power on, then I manually choose the AntennaTV input from the home screen, it will hang then reboot, then successfully automatically re-connect to the AntennaTV input after it reboots on.

Once successfully re-connected to the AntennaTV input, everything works correctly, EPG, channel changes, info, switching inputs, apps, etc., everything works as it should once it has successfully re-connected to AntennaTV...  If I ignore the AntennaTV input, of course, everything else works normally, and I mean everything...

Anyone else see this same problem bug or similar?
Am now at the point of trying to determine if this is a Roku OS8 bug, or a hardware bug.
I feel it is a software bug, but have some doubts, as I have seen no other discussions of this issue…  Otherwise, every other function of my Hitachi RokuTV works well…

PS: Am an IT tech, an AV enthusiast, and a very experienced Roku user , and remain perplexed...
(The other Hitachi RokuTV in my profile, I gave to my Dad for Fathers' Day, it is connected to a TWCable Box in another city, never AntennaTV, so am unable to properly A/B test)
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Re: RokuTV, switching to AntennaTV input, frequently reboots?

TCL Roku 55P605 user with Roku OS 8.0 build 4142-30

I use OTA Antenna input and have not experienced that issue on either Roku OS 7.7 or the update to Roku OS 8.0.

Just wanted to provide that as a baseline.
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Follow up Findings >> Re: RokuTV, switching to AntennaTV input, frequently reboots?

My initial follow-up Findings: My RokuTV on OS8 Bugs Seems to be exacerbated by
Privacy -> Advertising ->  Limit Ad Tracking :  Being ON
Privacy -> Smart TV Experience -> Use Info from TV Inputs:  Being OFF

On this TV, I wanted to be ultra anonymous, didn’t want aggressive data mining, so those desired setting were intentional.

POTENTIAL FINDINGS: It appears, at Power on of my RokuTV, the Roku OS8 immediately aggressively tries to ad track data capture me on Powering on, and when Roku OS8 encounters my setting which attempts to block this ad capture my TV input, it hangs and/or causes a reboot?

AFTER I give it free reign to spy on me, in order to feed me “customized” ads (I’m OK with generic non targeted ads, btw) the hang and reboots have diminished by about 25%.

I had to resort to:
Turning OFF -> “Limit Ad Tracking”
Turning ON -> “Use Info from TV Inputs”
and leaving the TV in Sleep Mode via “Fast TV Start”,  in order to minimize the amount of hangs and crashes associated with having my RokuTV default to AntennaTV input at initial Power on. Bug is still there, but this minimized the hangs/crashes a bit...

My inference is that after my RokuTV has been Off for a while, upon initial Power on, the Roku OS seems to immediately aggressively try to data mine me, even before the Tuner has had a chance to tune to an OTA TV channel, and its overly aggressive probing bumps into my attempt to block it, and causes a hang and/or reboot.

IF this is the cause, may I suggest to Roku OS engineers, that the data mining be delayed for a little more time until after the TV tuner has fully locked into a properly tuned OTA channel (via Antenna TV), before attempting to begin "Ad Tracking" and "Use Info from the TV Input" for probing / data mining.
(I use an indoor amplified Winegard Antenna in a fringe reception area, and it doesn't always IMMEDIATELY lock into the OTA TV channel on Power on, it might take an extra second+ or so before it fully tunes/locks into the OTA channel... )

I realize other RokuTV users may not have the same hang issues I have, so I accept their baselines and experience of avoiding this bug as valid… My other Sharp RokuTV on OS's 7.6.x --> 8.0.x never had this bug, so there ya go..  I just really really really wanted to track down my particular issue on this other RokuTV, and this is what I have seem to have found so far, but my issue is NOT fully resolved yet, just minimized in frequency based on these findings...

Thank you.
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