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Roku tv vs. Roku streaming stick plus

I recently hooked up a Roku Streaming Stick+ to my smart tv. I now need to replace the tv, and I'm wondering if I should buy a Roku tv, or if a smart tv with the roku stick will give me the same programs and features ?? I also see alot of the Roku tv's show Apple and IPhone references. I dont have or use Apple. Does that affect the operation of the Roku tv if I go that route ?? Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Roku tv vs. Roku streaming stick plus

The major difference between a Roku TV and a TV with a Roku attached is the integration of the input selector on the main menu.

A Stick+ has the features you describe.

It really doesn't matter if you get a Roku TV or a different TV and attach a Roku, if the Roku has the features you want. By that, an Express might not have the features you want, for instance, while the Stick+ has most of the features Roku offers. The Ultra might be overkill for some.

Personally, I'd find a TV that had a picture I liked and not worry about its "smarts." If it came down to a couple of TVs, then I'd let the built-in Roku be the deciding factor.

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Re: Roku tv vs. Roku streaming stick plus

Echoing @DBDukes , I have multiple setups including a RokuTV,  and I much prefer a stand-alone TV with an attached stand-alone Roku streaming device.  It really is a matter of preference though.