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Roku's DS Video subtitles not working...why

Hi there

First I have to say I been looking for info about getting my subtitles to work in Roku's DS Video for the last 2 to 3 years since they decided to stop updating DS Video.  I have had no problems way before that with Roku and Roku's DS Video.  The subtitles worked no problem whether they were hard coded or soft coded. 

I have a Synology DS718+ and a DS411 as backup, yet my DS411 use to play subtitles via DLNA years ago in DS Video.  I have Video Station for my NAS at 2.4.6-1594 for both NAS*(s) right now.

I can watch hard coded subtitles on Roku's DS Video but no soft coded subtitles.  Of course all in english.  I been hard coding english subtitles only in foreign movies such as Eleven Samurai.  I get the soft coded showing to choose from but they do not work.

I use Subtitle- Edit program and that works well!  great!

I know both hard coded and soft coded subtitles show up on my PC, and Western Digital HD TV LIVE, and my IPAD2.  I can turn it off or on with ease.

I have a Roku 3600X version 9.1 Build 4111-24 right now with DS Video version 1.7 on my Roku stick.

I really could use help getting them to work...I have heard that Plex users are having problems to.  Synology has tried to help but I do not think they have done enough to fix this situation or if it is just ROKU DS Video app.

p.s. I use MEGUI to will hard encode or soft encode subtitles.  I only do English subtitles by the way.


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