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Roku remote no longer working with Vizio soundbar

Using a ROKU Ultra with a Vizio TV and Vizio Soundbar.  I've had the Ultra for the last 6-8 months, and everything has been working fine until what I'm assuming was a firmware update to my Roku Ultra.  Now, the power switch still turns the Vizio TV on and off, but won't connect to the volume control for the soundbar anymore. 

I've tried to reconnect the remote, and it goes through the section where it asks me if I'm hearing the music (which I am), then it asks me if it turned off, which it never does, after cycling through every code.  The second time through it asks me what type of TV I'm connecting to - I enter Vizio, then it goes through the exact same sequence. Nothing. This USED to work just fine. 

This was one of the main reasons I upgraded to the Ultra - so I wouldn't have to have a second remote. 

Any ideas? I've seen lots of similar postings from the last few months, but I never see a final fix.  Has anyone solved this yet?  Or has something changed with the firmware that no longer allows this functionality with certain devices?

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Re: Roku remote no longer working with Vizio soundbar

Figured this one out.  I don't think the ROKU remote has codes for the Vizio 38xx Soundbar that I'm using, but realized the Soundbar had it's own learning function.  Had to set the ROKU remote to use Vizio Code 3, so I had to still set the ROKU remote up to try to control TV audio, thought I needed to use VIZIO code 3 by saying yes when the test asked me if the music had stopped on this code - even though it hadn't.  That particular code seemed to work properly when using the soundbar's learning mode.  I'm sure there are others, but code 1 didn't seem to be picked up properly from the ROKU remote.


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