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Roku not working now it does!

I have an old analog projection tv that needs connecting with the 3 plugs (red, yellow, & white jacks). My new ROKU Express stopped working suddenly for almost 1 week, then I called Amazon, yelled at the representative because “I’m paying for services not rendered” thinking it was their fault but they tried helping me & they even called Roku for me. I couldn’t believe it no one answered at Roku due to COVID!!!. (Why not ROKU? You do not make house calls!! You work remotely like everyone else right now & worst of all you do not return calls. I apologized to the Amazon Rep. & realized it was Roku not Amazon passing the buck.

Finally I read on this forum, someone said “we should factory reset”  (Thank you to the person that Posted that information). I didn’t want to do that because I have at least 40-50 Apps/Icons in addition to my cable provider. (BTW: cutting the cord also cuts access to some of your favorite stations). Eventually I gave in and  pushed in the reset button, unplugging my modem, router, Roku & started from scratch. Finally Amazon Prime came back almost as if it needed to be updated. The regular update etc. on Roku did not work & I have not registered all my apps yet which I dread doing since it is time consuming, but I think Roku should reset from their station if possible or tell everyone to factory reset. I mentioned in my initial post “I think the device we recently purchased Roku Express was defective when we received it”. Especially since no one was at the store or Roku’s office to fix the problem, it’s as if they ran away & left us to fin for ourselves with DIY & research.

Roku must really improve their business relationship with customers and troubleshoot situations quickly when this many customers have the same problem. I’m sure I am not the only one but, I have been a Loyal Roku customer almost since they first started. There have been many times I endorsed and or purchased their products for others as a gift. So now I am embarrassed to tell those I gave a device to about this & disappointed at this scenario that is not fair to the consumer. I am hesitant to purchase any other products from Roku after this experience.

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Re: Roku not working now it does!

I'm having the same issue on the same devices. Looks like I will need to do a factory reset. Thank you.

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