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Roku device not connecting to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot

I have a Roku premiere and I'm trying to connect it to my Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot but every time I do it says it's connected but then I tried to check connection and it doesn't connect to the internet and I tried to network reset it and it still won't let me do anything it won't let me put in a password for Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot it won't let me do anything so what do you think I should do

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Re: Roku device not connecting to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot

@Anglala69 wrote:

...  so what do you think I should do

I'd start with contacting xfinity

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Re: Roku device not connecting to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot

If it is your home xfinity wifi you should be connecting to the network name you set up for your home use, not the xfinity name, and then you use the password you set up.    If you are using some other xfinity hotspot where you have to log in with your xfinity credentials, this should work:

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Re: Roku device not connecting to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot

It would if my phone would find the network or whatever it's telling me to find in wireless settings... even tried putting it in manually to no avail.  

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Re: Roku device not connecting to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot

I'll share what I did to make Xfinitywifi work/connect on my Roku TCL Tv. Maybe it can help someone here? So on my Android LG V60 I set up and turned on Wi-Fi hotspot sharing from under mobile hotspot settings. It says Wi-Fi sharing, share the internet from a Wi-Fi network instead of mobile data.

Then I signed into Xfinitywifi on my phone. Next I selected my WiFi network name and just logged into my T-Mobile V60 Wi-Fi hotspot with password that I selected. I did notice that for some reason that my wife's T-Mobile OnePlus 8 can't do this same thing even tho they are both on Android 10. I'm guessing it's a OnePlus issue because other people on Reddit with OP6T & 7 we're complaining about the same problem. 


However you should be able to do this with using a app such as NetShare - No Root - Tethering which basically does the same thing but gives you a time limit unless you pay $8 for the pro version. But I haven't tried and tested this method yet on my wife's phone or another phone.

I did try to do the same with my iPhone XR work phone but it appears iPhone can't do this either. I also haven't tried to look for a iPhone app yet that works like Android basically turning your phone into a repeater or router extender. If anyone knows of a good iphone app that does the same thing please let me know.

Lastly I suppose you can use a Wi-Fi extender/repeater device such as Netgear EX6100 which I picked up at Walmart a few years ago on clearance for like $20 or less. You can also use a old router that supports bridge mode to do the same thing as a Wi-Fi extender or repeater.

So the reason I decided to do this was because we keep hitting our Xfinity 1.2 TB limit. When connecting this way thru Xfinitywifi in our house it doesn't count against our data limit which is kinda of a workaround loop hole I think. Sorry for the long post and God's Blessings.  PS: Happy New Year

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