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Level 13

Roku channel store user interface

Does Roku have a group that is responsible for User Interface design and quality control?  Can someone please take a look at the channel store menu?  While I can understand the desire to make it easy to find channels in the store, there is a point of diminishing returns.  The amount of menu options make it confusing to find channels. 

For example, what is the "Recommended" category based upon?  It's certainly not based on the channels I currently have installed.  How does a channel become recommended?

Why are there three categories that contain "TV": Free movies and tv, Classic tv, and Movies and tv.  Some channels exist in more than one category even though they are "free".

The current menu layout does nothing to make it easy to find channels.  Adding more menu items only serves to add to the confusion.

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Level 8

Re: Roku channel store user interface

Fully agree.  Each Roku GUI upgrade has made it more difficult to continue where we were last watching or to find what we like to watch.  My old favorite standard - the Roku - is quickly fading and becoming too similar to other standards.  When this happens, we will revert to the Apple or Amazon variety.  

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