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Roku Ultrra - Display Settings Resetting

Hi all,

I’m new to the forums here. I recently bought a Roku Ultra, and I’m running software version 8.10.

My 4K Vizio TV supports 4K @ 60hz. When I go into display type settings on my Roku, it defaults to 1080p TV. I can manually select 4K 60hz TV. I get a green check on “4K at 60 Frames per second”, and a red X at “4K content protection (HDCP 2.2)”. However, when I hit the selection “Force output to 4K UHD”, the display works just fine. And I’m able to hit the selection “yes, screen looks good”... And my TV even shows the input signal is now 2160p instead of 1080p. The same input signal of 2160p applies when I use any video service (YouTube TV, Prime, Netflix, etc). And this is the native display of the TV, even non-4K content looks soooooo much better, and sports/fast motion are obviously better at 60hz.

So this all works well, but here’s the problem. Any time I turn my tv off, then turn it back on and start up the Roku, I get a message stating “Your display type has been reset to Automatic”, and my display goes back to 1080p. So every time I turn my TV on, I need to go into the Roku’s settings, change the display type back to 4K @ 60hz, and then start watching, which is obviously very annoying.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? hoping there’s a work around, or Roku is trying to fix this in an upcoming software release.

Thank you I’m advance!

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Re: Roku Ultrra - Display Settings Resetting

Do you have an AVR in the HDMI stream, or are you connected directly to the TV? Either way it sounds like something in the HDMI chain is lacking 4K/60 support. What sort of HDMI cable are you using? If it's not certified for 18 Gbps speed, you will have troubles like this. HDCP errors are common with inadequate HDMI cables. 
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Re: Roku Ultrra - Display Settings Resetting

No idea if the HDMI cable is 18g certified, that may be suspect tho. I will try a new cable.

Thanks for the suggestion!
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